In 1942 the maternal grandfather Giuseppe Cimino began work as a cheesemaker, with his gnarled hands “mozzando” (cutting off) the first mozzarellas, producing them with one of the finest milks, from the buffalo of the Piana del Sele. Driven by the desire to learn the art of cheesemaking and follow in his father-in-law’s footsteps, Gennaro also began, as a young man, to get involved in the family business and, in the 1980s, took over in order to bring it in line with the new market conditions. Today Caseificio Tre Stelle guarantees, and is synonymous with, excellence: a success achieved by producing speciality cheeses using traditional methods and innovating in production thanks to cutting-edge tools and technologies. The flavour of the Tre Stelle buffalo mozzarella, its pleasantly sour taste with a faint musky tone, that explosion of flavour that occurs while chewing, are the same now as when it was produced by the “bufalari” who sold it along the bumpy roads that led from Salerno to the temples of Paestum.



Our products are excellent thanks to the experience of our master cheesemakers and to the commitment we devote to every aspect of production. The milk we select, produced according to the standards of the PDO specification and subjected to further hygiene and sanitary checks, is always processed in a very short time to preserve its unmistakable flavour.

. Once heated, we add a natural whey starter called “cizza”, obtained through natural acidification of the previous day’s whey, and animal rennet, then it curdles in special steel boilers.

After a few minutes, the curd is broken up by hand with a metal tool called a “spino”. The curd is left to acidify under whey for 4-5 hours, and the master cheesemaker constantly checks its state of maturation to determine when to proceed with the “filatura” (“spinning”).

uscita mozzarelle
la treccia

Filatura is the most delicate stage of the entire production process.

After maturing, the curd is immersed in boiling water at a temperature of about 95°, cut into strips, chopped, raised and pulled with special tools so that a homogeneous mixture is obtained from the melted paste.


camion con grafiche tre stelle

We have solid experience in serving bulk traders, both small and large distributors, on a daily basis. Our goal is to make our excellence known to the world.
For this reason, we can fulfil national and international deliveries through the use of our own vehicles and through specialised carriers. Our products are delivered in 24 hours to all major Italian and European locations.
We also guarantee coverage by air and sea that can accommodate and fulfil requests from various foreign countries.
To date, we export our products to:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom

Our goal is to be able to export our excellence to all other foreign countries.