A fundamental role in recognising the buffalo mozzarella’s protected designation of origin (PDO) is played by the regions where it is produced, in Campania in the Piana del Sele near the Parco del Cilento.

Bordered to the north by the city of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, and to the South by the Parco del Cilento, this region is characterised by an excellent climate with mild temperatures throughout the year, refreshed by sea breezes in summer and always kept warmer by the sea in winter. The entire plain has abundant water and is one of the most fertile areas in Italy: in fact, it is crossed by the Sele river that feeds the fertile cultivated fields throughout the year.

mucche bianco nero

Agriculture is associated with raising buffaloes, from whose milk the delicious mozzarella is made, a symbol of excellence for the region, in demand both on the domestic market and abroad.
And it is in this fertile and sunny land, cradle of the Mediterranean diet, that our inimitable specialities are created.